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Monday, April 07, 2008

Always a new challenge...

Isnt that the way it is, just as you get comfortable using something, proficient even, somebody or something comes along to confuse and baffle and generally screw things up in the name of progress and shiny new toys.

Such is my life this morning. I walked into the job to discover that our computers had been migrated over to Microsoft Office 2007 over the weekend. And of course, my Outlook email was tanked. I couldnt access it but I could see that there was 260+ junk emails in my inbox and 160 more in my Junk folder. I just couldnt delete any of it or read the mail that I needed to read. A call to the support center got me started and an hour later a technicians call got me back working with my mail.

But- everything looks different and theres all kinds of new, shiny features that have relocated all the tools and functions I know how to use, not only in Outlook but in PowerPoint and Excel too. Theres lots of cutesy icons and graphics and new toolbars and you have to know, (somehow) that the little MS cloverleaf logo in the top left corner has several functions that you wouldnt know except it occasionally flashes to alert you to its newfound value.

The upgrades are pretty, I guess, and so far Ive managed to accomplish everything Ive needed to do, just more slowly and with a sense of why bother. All the software I was using before worked perfectly and the pretty new toys dont really bring anything new to the table. Its just another example of the AF buying into the new & improved- gotta have it methodology that they apply to nearly everything from airplanes to file folders. 

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